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Nevo Butler – A Virtual TourA NEW KIND OF SMART HOME HUB WITH BUILT-IN NEVO.AI DIGITAL ASSISTANT Discover & Entertain Targeting the entertainment experience Bring branded voice-control to the current install base of entertainment devices in the home to cover the complete footprint of existing devices. Enable far-field hands-free control for new voice enabled platforms. Extend capabilities of other assistants – enabling them to interact with entertainment systems. Smarter Living Curated smart home experiences Turnkey hardware kits for offering services in new markets. Built-in support for dotdot over Zigbee 3.0 to provide a full featured framework for the connected home and bringing smart home applications to any device running QuickSet. Works with QuickSet certification program to address device compatibility and open new distribution channels. Manage & Monetize Tools to manage and monetize the customer base Core subscription to deliver branded and controlled experiences. Includes Device Discovery, Interoperability as a Service, and Device Management. Add-on services including IoT Fleet Management and integration with customers’ services such as EPG or CRM – Integrated with existing enterprise infrastructure. Partner Services Marketplace to address consumer demand while opening new revenue possibilities. Technical Specifications FeatureSpecification Microphone2 mic array for far-field voice recognition ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11g 2.4GHz), Bluetooth LE, Zigbee 3.0 and RF4CE IR Blaster360° coverage using 6 high powered infrared LEDs Power5V DC from a USB micro adapter SpeakerHigh quality mono speaker tuned for speech SecurityBuilt-in managed security starting from the manufacturing process through end of life cycle Dimensions90mm x 90mm x 45mm Weight7.2 oz (204 grams) made with ❤️ Read about our collaboration witH Read about our other collaborations: SENSORY & AYLA Discover & Entertain Nevo Butler delivers a branded experience for service providers offering far-field voice-control of the current install base of entertainment systems in the home, bringing voice content discovery and control to the households, while enabling far-field hands-free control for new voice enabled platforms.  With Interoperability offered as a service, Nevo Butler works with and extends the functionality of existing assistants in interacting with entertainment systems. Check out the Discover & Entertain video here. Brand Customization As a white label hub and digital assistant for smart home applications, we offer customization options including wake word, as well as logo and color options to match the brand experience. Entertainment Control Quickly and efficiently enables natural language understanding to discover and control existing devices, or enhances new platforms with far-field hands-free voice. Compatible with current install base of entertainment devices. Far-field voice capable Provides the ultimate experience in interacting with entertainment and smart home services through a simple voice interface platform for delivering a branded specialized voice assistant, opening new avenues for delivering innovative offerings. Interoperability as a Service Interoperability is delivered as a service to manage the brand experience. Provides services necessary to interact with other devices within the home, and delivers compatibility with 3rd party hubs and assistants, while removing the burden of implementing and maintaining the growing list of compatibility requirements from OEMs. Multiple Assistant Support Remain in control of consumer experience through a branded digital assistant, while offering compatibility with 3rd party digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, and has running natively. Expand compatibility of these platforms with the current installed base of entertainment devices. Top Smarter Living Turnkey channel-specific kits targeting safety and security, energy management and hospitality to help accelerate the introduction of new services in these growth segments. We can make security systems compatible with popular consumer door locks such as the August Smart Lock and expand use cases by incorporating popular smart speakers such as Sonos as part of the alarm system. We can also make energy management solutions smarter by controlling Hunter Douglas shades to aid cooling, or enhance the TV viewing experience by setting the perfect lighting scene based on the content being enjoyed. No matter what channel, the Works with QuickSet certification program can expand any Nevo Butler Kit experience. Check out the Smarter Living video here. Care Kit Kit focused on safety and security use cases such as intrusion detection. Simple to set up as a self-monitored system, and a great add-on to professional security systems. Eco Kit Energy savings without compromising on comfort.  A complete climate control kit to address evolving needs of energy management and climate control use cases. Ease Kit Lifestyle-focused kit includes lighting control through simple voice commands. Start quickly and expand use cases with QuickSet’s Interoperability as a Service. Hospitality Kit Targeted specifically for the hospitality channel, this kit allows for a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. Have them control lighting, blinds, temperature and in-room entertainment with voice. Help conserve energy by turning off appliances when guests are no longer in the room. A single certification program to address different needs including compatibility with millions of QuickSet powered devices in the market, or access to new distribution channels. Enable easy access to a growing ecosystem of devices. Ensure compatibility with popular brands, and add new ones as needed. Bring preferred vendors on board and expand device compatibility with connected home products. FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS Help you retain and expand your user base by enabling new services such as Entertainment control, Interoperability as a Service and a Partner Services Marketplace. FOR SMART HOME DEVICE MANUFACTURERS We will make sure your device works with the most popular services in the home, and open up new distribution channels. FOR ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE MANUFACTURERS We will make sure your device is automatically recognized and compatible with the most popular AV devices from leading brands. How it works Click here to find out more details about the program guidelines, certification process and what to expect at each stage. Get started Ready to join the Works with QuickSet Program? Let’s get you started! FAQs Looking for answers to common questions? This is where you will find them! Top Manage & Monetize Core subscription allows customers to address the realities of today’s home while remaining in charge. Device Discovery enables recognition and discovery of devices within the home utilizing our device knowledge graph. Interoperability as a Service extends existing retail voice assistants, while device management delivers a complete framework for edge connectivity, including remote access and expanded monitoring capabilities. Additionally, add-on services including IoT Fleet Management and integration with customers’ existing services such as EPG, provide necessary tools for our customers to manage and monetize their customer base. Offered …


Launching Smarter Living Kits powered by Nevo® Butler to accelerate introduction of new Smart Home services at CES 2019

In order to accelerate the introduction of new innovative services for the consumer home, we are introducing pre-integrated channel specific kits curated to address specific consumer demand and unique experiences. The kits are powered by Nevo® Butler, a white label, managed and secure smart home hub with built-in digital assistant. Configured with different sensors developed …