Customer Story – No More Codes for Comcast X1 Voice Remote Customers

Comcast X1 Voice Remote powered by QuickSet Cloud

Congratulations to our friends at Comcast for a smooth and successful roll-out of QuickSet Cloud!

“X1 will now immediately detect the model of the television they are using and program the remote to control things like TV power, volume and input. Within seconds, X1 will display an on-screen message that the remote is ready to go. We’ve received a lot of calls over the years from customers asking for help with setting up their remotes. With this technology, we can eliminate that step, and bring customers closer to the experiences they love.” -read Jonathan’s post on Comcast Voices.

After many hybrid rollouts of QuickSet SDK powered by QuickSet Cloud, this marks the first integration of QuickSet technology with an MSO platform in a pure cloud format. This is probably a major trend in the industry as we move closer towards cloud based video delivery platforms, and a new world of app based content consumption. We’re very excited to see this expansion as we get ready for some really big news coming in the next few weeks.

Learn more here: What is QuickSet Cloud?

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QuickSet Data Insights – United States TV Installed-Base

U.S. TV Installed-Base Brand Year Treemap

  • Median Age

    Graceful handling of older televisions is essential for mainstream video delivery platforms as more than half of the installed base in United States is pretty dated in technology terms. How dated? More than 5 years old!

  • Brand Fragmentation

    The market is fairly fragmented with new brands showing up and old ones going away, however the top two brands, Samsung and VIZIO, hold ~40% of the installed-base market.

  • AVR or …

    In recent years, there has been a major drop in traditional AVR usage and a consumer transition to soundbars. How big of a drop? More than 80% drop!

On a lighter note, the traditional service providers still dominate the “input 1” on the TV, and we mean that literally as those set-top boxes are connected to HDMI 1 input in ~60% of the installations!