QuickSet Media

White Papers

QuickSet white papers available for download


Quick videos explaining some features and capabilities



White Papers

Smart Entertainment In The Smart Home

Reducing friction in content and service, discovery and consumption, across devices at home

RF Technology in Handheld Controllers

An Overview of Audio, Video, and Home Control




Discover & Entertain

Targeting the entertainment experience

Smarter Living

Curated smart home experiences

Manage & Monetize

Tools to manage and monetize customer base

Preview of

nevo as a personal assistant leverages all functions and capabilities of QuickSet

One Touch View

A single button that is configured automatically,  takes the user to their desired content

QuickSet for TV

Automatic discovery and setup of content sources in the ecosystem and retrieving service provider information using Predictive Engine

QuickSet For Set-Top Box

Automatic setup of One Touch View (OTV) and smart device integration of universal control & activities

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