QuickSet enables anyone to enter a room, discover nearby devices and start using them!



Automatically discover devices and the device information such as type, brand, model, and control information, within the home. Discovery is done across popular networks in the home such as HDMI video networks, IP networks such as WiFi, and Zigbee rf4ce networks used for entertainment control.


Control virtually every device within the home through a single point ( a universal remote control, a voice assistant, or a single mobile-friendly interface) using on one or multiple control mediums and protocols.



Instantly view the desired content. Keep track of events and status, navigate across devices, content, and history.





QuickSet Products

QuickSet is Universal  Electronics’  product family and the de facto solution for simplifying universal discovery, control, and interaction of devices within the home. First introduced in  September 2009, QuickSet solution is a widely deployed technology powering major consumer electronics brands including set-top boxes,  televisions, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets to enable effortless configuration and control of nearly any connected home entertainment device.

This solution takes advantage of the scalability and infinite processing power of the cloud platform. QuickSet functions are available as simple web-based APIs enabling flexible integration, including server-to-server for cloud video delivery platforms, resource-constrained devices in IoT domain, and cross-platform mobile applications. With a near real-time update cycle, this solution provides the best coverage, up to date features and highest accuracy.

Native SDKs jump-start the application development for mainstream platforms by offering QuickSet features as easy to integrate embedded APIs that perform complex logic in the background. Supports a range of  platforms including Linux, Android, as well as specific  services for RDK and Android platforms. Built using QuickSet engines and leveraging QuickSet Cloud, it enables manufacturers and providers to build the best TV watching experience for consumers.


QuickSet Engines

QuickSet technology includes patent protected, intelligent and modularized engines. Each engine supports a specific primary feature of QuickSet. These data-driven engines are built on top of UEI's Device Knowledge Graph, which contains comprehensive information for the widest selection of devices within the home.

Discovery Engine

Automatically detects connected devices by calculating fingerprints and matching the information against the device knowledge graph, across HDMI, IP, and Zigbee rf4ce networks without any user intervention. It returns a device object including device type, brand, model, and control information.

Predictive Engine

Extends the automatic discovery and control capabilities of QuickSet by using a multitude of device attributes and predictive models to identify a growing set of traits and capabilities for a given device. This can drastically simplify the user setup experience and enable a range of new applications for smart device vendors.

Prioritization Engine

Intelligent filtering, prioritization and model search capabilities based on market and location specific meta-data help in simplifying on-screen wizard to only what is relevant to the consumer, improving the user experience.

Search Engine

Provides an optimized route for users to quickly narrow down the control information for their devices. Additionally, this engine includes a wizard driven process for setting up devices for a disconnected control point.

Activity Engine

Automatic generation and management of optimized configurations, activities, including One Touch View to enable users to instantly access the desired content, app, or device with a single command, regardless of current state of the set-top box, TV or connected media device(s). Unlike many of the solutions on the market today, this must have engine is not limited to HDMI-CEC devices, and delivers true universal market compatibility.

Control+ Engine W/ IR-CEC

Powered by QuickSet SDK,  provides the basis of a unified interaction with HDMI devices. It handles the complexities of interacting with HDMI network and IR drivers on the host device and automatically sets up the control point to control the target device utilizing a unified interface for the transfer of data and control messages between connected devices.

Control+ Engine W/ Zigbee rf4ce

Powered by QuickSet SDK, it discovers RF capable devices through multiple signatures including zigbee rf4ce and configures the control point for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) control of devices. Exclusively available when used with UE878, UEI’s Multi-protocol chip platform.

Control+ Engine W/ IP

Powered by QuickSet SDK, enables discovery and control of networked devices and their content using standard and proprietary data transmitted over the IP network. Tracks the state of devices from connectivity, online or offline, to active content, to power status and other useful information, while also providing a history of actions executed for easy navigation across devices and content and many more use cases.

Config Sharing Engine

Extends system configuration (including discovered devices and smart activities) to a secondary screen or control point.  Allows synchronization across mobile devices, or mobile device with compatible Smart TV or Set-Top box,  based on enhanced configuration format, including activities and labels.

Complex AirCon Engine

With over 90% of Air Conditioners still controlled through Infrared, this engine enables control of state-driven, commonly not connected air conditioners within the home. Powered by the largest database of infrared codes, at each step the engine executes all the required commands to put the air conditioner in the desired state; from fan speed to temperature and many more HVAC functions.


QuickSet As A Solution

QuickSet For TV

QuickSet enables TV customers to automatically discover the content source devices and display them as another app or channel on the smart TV. Also provides direct tuning into content with a single touch.

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QuickSet for Set-top Box

QuickSet enabled Set-top boxes removes the friction for the consumers to start watching TV without the overwhelming number of manual steps. With a single keypress or spoken command, it takes them to the desired content source, aka  One Touch View

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QuickSet For Voice Assistants & Applications

QuickSet addresses fundamental shortcomings of today's voice solutions by providing the much-needed context as it relates to devices within the home and their current status such that a spoken word can take users to their desired content by putting the entire system in the configuration necessary to achieve that. As an example a ‘Watch Netflix’ command will turn on the TV, switch the input to the proper content source, and launch Netflix for the user.

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