Your Content is just ONE TOUCH AWAY!

With the growing number of content providers, watching TV is more difficult than before. There are several steps involved in the TV Watching experience: starting from turning the devices on, to finding the proper input and launching the desired content.

What if one touch could automate these steps and get users to their content?

This is what QuickSet's One Touch View feature does!

Other solutions rely primarily on  HDMI-CEC  support to achieve the One Touch View functionality; however, these solutions miss One Touch View compatibility with the large portion of the install-base which lacks CEC support or has it disabled by default! QuickSet offers a solution that does not have these shortcomings, by leveraging the largest knowledge graph of devices with HDMI fingerprints and infrared control codes to switch between inputs on a much wider set of devices, expanding the compatibility and benefits to the end consumer.

With QuickSet, your content is just one touch away 

  • A QuickSet enabled device automatically discovers the connected devices through a series of unique fingerprints. It then configures the remote control automatically so that a single key will power on the devices, switch to the proper input to get to the content, and map the volume to the appropriate device. This is all achieved by the One Touch View feature within QuickSet.
  • Sling AirTV powered by QuickSet Cloud, takes advantage of QuickSet's One Touch View feature, enabling consumers to reach their content with a single touch.  You can read more on this specific implementation here

    With over 3 times the coverage than other solutions, QuickSet reliably takes users to their content with a single touch. Making watching TV pleasant again!

    New Home

    We’re excited to be moving to a new home for our content. It was quickly becoming apparent that we were out-growing our last space, and needed more ways to communicate with you, and in more detail. We believe we can fundamentally improve how people experience device and service discovery in a connected home, and we intend to prove it.

    The Rising Need for a Whole Home Solution

    People buying smart home devices are looking for solutions that simplify their user experience right from the time when they open the box for set-up and installation of their devices. The concerns raised by users were rightly captured in this latest survey conducted by PwC.

    • Universal Control – The survey reveals that 42% of the users are looking for a Universal App to control all their devices; this can be easily realized by using QuickSet’s multi-protocol approach to universal control.
    • Setup and Ease of Use – Majority of consumers’ concerns revolves around setup and ease of use: 35% prefer a provider setup and installation, 48% want an easy to use platform, and 42% want perfect integration with all devices (connected or not); leveraging the largest Knowledge graph of devices, QuickSet’s discovery capabilities enable manufacturers and providers to simplify and automate the setup experience for end users and further make way for a seamless daily interaction with these devices.

    To address the concerns raised by consumers a global device knowledge graph for the home is essential. This is exactly what we’ve been building for the last 30 years and what QuickSet utilizes to support a simple, unified customer experience across devices