is a digital assistant platform optimized for smart home applications

Powered by QuickSet Cloud and offered as a white label service.

Offers unique branded services and converges entertainment and smart home experiences.

Natural Language Interaction

Offers services through a standalone digital assistant or extends existing virtual assistants. Enables interactions with smart home services using natural language interfaces, through voice enabled platforms or omni-channel customer chat platforms. Speech has shown great promise as an intuitive interface to complex smart home devices and services.

Unique Branded Experience

As a white label and customizable solution, enables consumer brands to deliver desired and unique brand experiences direct to consumers and avoids limitations imposed by typical retail voice assistant platforms.

Interoperability as a Service

Delivers controlled brand experiences through managed interoperability delivered as a service, powered by QuickSet Cloud. Ensures unique experiences by converging entertainment and smart home services. Extends existing retail voice assistant features, example - enables Alexa or Google Assistant to interact with existing entertainment devices, or receive notifications from home sensors.

Managed IoT Platform

A full featured IoT platform powered by QuickSet Cloud to enable introduction, monitoring and management of monetized home services through hubs and curated kits.

Coming Soon

 Development tools for Partner Services Marketplace to open up new opportunities in the smart home. Sign up here.

Built on QuickSet Cloud

A digital assistant developed for the smart home, not a generalist, rather an expert for delivering curated experiences. QuickSet Cloud, widely adopted solution by leading brands, offers a solid foundation for reliability and interoperability.

Available Services

BUILT-IN SERVICES digital assistant includes a range of built-in services needed for  the introduction of new smart home capabilities including - user management services to define and manage users, roles and their access levels. The platform also supports business analytics modules with dashboards for monitoring health and performance of devices.


Simplifies integration with existing enterprise systems such as, customer and user management infrastructure, and provides a consistent experience for consumers and support teams to take advantage of existing data assets and ensure smooth functionality, speedy delivery, and business utility.


Complement offering with a growing range of monetizable partner services available through the platform, addressing consumer demand for new functionality, while opening new revenue possibilities.

Hardware solutions

Pre-integrated voice enabled hub platform, and channel specific accelerator kits to make new experiences possible. QuickSet certified multi-standard wireless SoC solution and more tools to help you get up and running quickly.

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