Nevo Butler

Nevo Butler is a smart home hub with built-in voice assistant

Secure and managed hardware platform to unify entertainment and home automation experiences

Nevo Butler is an end-to-end voice-capable smart home hub with built-in white label digital assistant that promises to unify entertainment control and home automation experiences, enabling interoperability across fragmented ecosystems. A turnkey product, with  built-in and powered by QuickSet Cloud, Nevo Butler is offered as a managed hardware platform with security built-in from start to end.

Designed to address realities of the living room today, Nevo Butler provides the most comprehensive range of universal device control for entertainment and smart home devices across popular wireless interfaces.

Key Features

Secure and Managed Gateway

Designed with security in mind since inception, where the root of trust is placed in hardware and is managed as a service from manufacturing, throughout the life-cycle of the platform.

Built-in, white label digital assistant powered by QuickSet Cloud , built-in to support use cases across entertainment as well as connected home experiences.

Multiple Assistant Support

Remain in control of consumer experience through a branded digital assistant, while offering compatibility with 3rd party digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, and has running natively. Expand compatibility of these platforms with the current installed base of entertainment devices.

Brand Customization

As a white label hub and digital assistant for smart home applications, offers customization options including the wake words and activities, as well as logo and color options to match the brand experience.

Far-field Voice Capable

Provides the ultimate experience in interacting with entertainment and smart home services through a simple voice interface, a platform for delivering a branded specialized voice assistant tied to a service, opening new avenues for delivering innovative offerings.

Online / Offline Speech Capability

Delivers the ultimate user experience with conversational interactions through cloud based natural language understanding; while offering reliable, secure and low latency embedded voice capabilities that can be used offline for the most commonly used commands.

Multiprotocol Capability

As a true hub for converging entertainment control and home automation use cases, Nevo Butler is designed with a powerful multiprotocol wireless SoC to offer the most comprehensive universal control compatibility with current devices in the living room across IP, Zigbee, Zigbee rf4ce, Bluetooth Smart and Infrared.

Interoperability as a Service

Delivers controlled brand experiences through managed interoperability delivered as a service, powered by QuickSet Cloud. Provides unique experiences by converging entertainment and smart home services. Extends existing retail voice assistant's features, example - enables Alexa or Google Assistant to interact with existing entertainment devices, or receive notifications from home sensors.

Entertainment Control

Quickly and efficiently enables natural voice discovery and control over existing devices, or enhances new platforms with far field hands free voice. Compatible with current installed base of entertainment devices.

Home Automation

Curates and interacts with home automation devices such as sensors, thermostats and more directly through IP or Zigbee networks, or expands compatibility through the interoperability service.

Partner Services Marketplace

Offered through built-in, complements offering with a growing range of monetizable partner services available through the platform, addressing consumer demand for new functionality, while opening new revenue possibilities.

Turnkey Kits

Start with channel specific accelerator kits in safety and security, energy management or hospitality applications to make new experiences possible. Expand the kits through "Works with QuickSet" program.

Nevo Butler for the Connected Home

Nevo Butler provides access to a growing ecosystem of devices through the “Works With QuickSet” program, as well as channel specific Kits offered to accelerate market introduction. These Kits address specific needs of our channels, and can be bundled with a range of certified devices that include Ecolink sensors, safety and security, energy management and hospitality solutions, as well as voice-enabled entertainment control offering. Read more here.

Available Services


Powered by, a branded white label digital assistant that offers a natural language interface to simplify consumer interactions with services. Provides user management services to define and manage users, roles and their access levels. Supports business analytics modules with dashboards for monitoring health and performance of devices.


Simplifies integration with existing customer management systems, and provides a consistent experience for consumers and support teams to take advantage of existing data assets and ensures smooth functionality, speedy delivery, and business utility.


Complement offering with a growing range of partner services available through the platform, addressing consumer demand while opening new revenue possibilities.

Entertainment Experience

Voice Powered Content Control

Nevo Butler enables a branded assistant for video service providers to offer far-field voice control of current installed base of entertainment systems in the connected home. It is compatible without a software change needed in set-top boxes, making it an efficient solution for bringing voice discovery and control to these households.


Does not require an accessory, or a software change, and is not limited to IP connected STBs and TVs

Complete Universal Control

Compatible with Infrared, Zigbee rf4ce or IP enabled systems for complete coverage of installed base, and entertainment viewing needs such as - simply adjusting volume.

Voice + GUI Content Discovery

When paired with a voice enabled set-top box, Nevo Butler can enable far-field voice control of the graphical user interface, enabling the best user experience in content discovery and control.

Never touch a remote

Universal compatibility enables the least friction in content discovery and consumption, from start to finish. A single spoken command can initiate TV viewing by turning on a system and adjusting input, enabled by QuickSet's One Touch View, or turn off the system when done.

Smart Home Experience

Home Safety & Security

Connect to a variety of home safety and security sensors to keep your home safe and detect intrusion. Setup and monitor the status of doors and windows, or extend the system to interact with smart locks or monitor possible leaks to avoid water damage.

Energy & Comfort

A complete system for energy management and climate control without  compromising on comfort. Enable voice control and remote access to thermostats, and save energy by automatically setting a thermostat to eco mode if no occupancy is detected.

Hospitality In-room Services

Provide unique and branded experiences through the built-in digital assistant for all in-room services including entertainment control and climate control, while managing energy costs. Interact with guests and allow quick automated responses to common requests.

Bridging Entertainment and Smart Home Experience

Unique experiences by combining AV and home automation devices and services.