Eco Kit

Eco Kit

A Curated And Smart Energy-Saving Experience
Your customers no longer have to heat or cool an empty house with the Eco Kit

Eco Kit offers intelligent climate control for comfort and conserving energy. It includes a white label digital assistant which works with various sensors for intelligently monitoring occupancy and temperature.

Save money

The built-in digital assistant will monitor occupancy, and will set the air conditioning to eco mode if no one is detected at home. This will help reduce unnecessary energy usage, saving money to the end user.


Fit in with lifestyles, work with what consumers own and deliver better experiences. Use interoperability delivered as a service, to expand use cases or bring new experiences through Works with QuickSet program.

Speak naturally

Use the built-in voice assistant to interact naturally. Easily adjust your thermostat: "[Ok nevo] make it cooler", "[Ok nevo] set the temperature to 72 degrees" or "[Ok nevo] turn the fan ON for 15 minutes".


A Branded Experience

Reconnect with your customer base by using a custom wake word with Nevo Butler’s built-in digital assistant powered by

Interoperability As A Service

With interoperability a key decision criteria for consumers choosing new home systems, this is a crucial service to ensure continued success. When an Eco Kit goes into a home, have confidence it’ll be compatible with devices already there such as popular door locks, TVs, IR HVAC systems and much more. Another digital assistant such as Alexa or Google Home already there? No problem, Nevo Butler will work with them and help expand their reach.

Device Management

Oversee and support your devices using a custom dashboard interface. A comprehensive set of tools allow for trouble shooting Nevo Butler installations and the devices connected to it.

Partner Services Marketplace

Create new avenues of revenue by offering your customers relevant add-on services services.

Works with QuickSet Program

Cover new and unique use cases by expanding the Care Kit experience via our Works with QuickSet program.

Speak Softly, Speak Naturally

Nevo Butler uses both far-field voice capture and natural language processing to hear and comprehend every command. This means words don’t have to be shouted in robot talk, simply use your natural speaking level and style for climate control and much more.

What's included?

Devices and services to get you started quickly


The experience begins with Eco Kit 1 and expands with Eco Kit 2. Further expansion can be had via our Works with QuickSet program.

Eco Kit 1

Includes everything needed to start a smart energy saving experience:

Nevo Butler

RCS Smart Thermostat

Ecolink Motion Occupancy Sensor

Eco Kit 2

Further enhances the experience. All the energy savings of Eco Kit 1 plus:

Ecolink Door/Window Sensor

RCS Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensor


The Eco Kit is built on and powered by QuickSet Cloud, which is a one stop shop for all the backend services.

Built-In Services

Interoperability as a Service

Device Management

Device Discovery & Fingerprinting

Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU)

Enterprise Integration Services

Energy Monitoring Services

CRM System Integration

And others

Partner Services Marketplace

Network Security Monitoring Provided by Firedome (Coming Soon)

And others