Hospitality Kit

Hospitality Kit

In-room services, automation and energy management
An Energy-Saving And Service Oriented Experience Geared Toward Hotels And Multi-Dwelling Units

Never heat or cool an empty room again via smart occupancy detection from the Hospitality Kit. Enable better interaction with your current services, or open up opportunities for added services and solutions by having your own branded digital assistant serve your customers directly in the room. Integrate entertainment control, climate control, in-room services, and more...

Personalize in-room experiences

Offer a branded and welcoming experience upon your guests' arrival using the built-in digital assistant. Allow guests to use voice commands to control lights, adjust blinds, adjust temperature and even access content on TV, or place an order with room service.

Better Entertainment experience

Offer simple content access without ever having to touch the remote. Allow guests to use voice commands to control the TV, and tune to specific content. Compatible with existing in-room entertainment systems, enabled through a built-in universal remote control!

energy Management and Cost Savings

Guests tend to leave air-conditioning ON even when they are not in the room, or when enjoying the fresh air while leaving the windows open; causing unnecessary energy usage. Automate and improve the energy efficiency of the rooms, saving cost while taking care of our planet.


A Branded Experience

Reconnect with your customer base by using a custom wake word with Nevo Butler’s built-in digital assistant powered by

Interoperability As A Service

When a Hospitality Kit is fitted in a room, be confident that it will work with other devices already present in the room, such as - popular in-room entertainment systems, hotel door locks, commercial lighting solutions and much more. Another digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home already present? No problem, Nevo Butler can work with them and help expand their reach.

Device Management

Oversee and support your devices using a custom dashboard interface. A comprehensive set of tools allow for troubleshooting Nevo Butler installations and devices connected to it.

Partner Service Marketplace

Create new avenues of revenue by offering your customers relevant add-on services.

Works with QuickSet Program

Cover new and unique use cases by expanding the Hospitality Kit experience via our Works with QuickSet program.

Speak Softly, Speak Naturally

Nevo Butler uses both far-field voice capture and natural language processing to hear and comprehend every command. This means that words don’t have to be shouted in robot talk, simply use your natural speaking level and style to raise the temperature, order room service and much more.

What's included?

Devices and services to get you started quickly


Hospitality Kit can be expanded with additional devices from Ecolink and RCS. Further expansion can be had via our Works with QuickSet program.

Hospitality Kit

The Hospitality Kit includes everything needed to start a smart energy saving experience.

Nevo Butler

RCS TBH300 Smart Thermostat

Ecolink Motion Occupancy Sensor with Clearsky technology

Ecolink Door/Window Sensor with Clearsky technology

Kit Expansion

The experience can be further expanded with the following RCS products:

RCS Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensor

RCS HVAC Remote Equipment Monitor

RCS Remote PTAC HVAC Controller



Hospitality Kit is built on and powered by QuickSet Cloud which is a one stop shop for all the backend services.

Built-In Services

Interoperability as a Service

Fleet Management

Device Discovery & Fingerprinting

Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU)

Enterprise Integration Services

Hotel services such as room service ordering, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.

CRM System Integration

And others

Partner Services Marketplace

Food delivery services

And others

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