How It Works

Certification Process Overview

Below is a general overview of the certification process. Time frames shown are based on a typical certification request.

Request to Join: This is the initial request to join the Works with QuickSet program and is submitted using the "Certification Request" button on the Get Started page.

Review: After your request is received, the Works with QuickSet team will review the contents to confirm eligibility and get back to you shortly.

Portal Access: If your request passes the review process, you will be granted access to the Works with QuickSet Certification Program Portal. From here on out, the portal is where all certification activity occurs.

Submission: Product details, test reports, and samples are submitted in the online Portal.

Product Testing: We will perform the necessary testing to make sure the product works as expected and passes all the testing requirements.

Certification: If the device passes the product testing phase, you will be notified of the certification and the device will be listed on our website. Depending on the device type, you will be able to use the Works with QuickSet or Compatible with QuickSet logo on your product.