Devices we support on LG TV 2020

Devices we support on LG TV 2020

Powered by Works With QuickSet, you can now control various smart devices right from your LG TV!  Works with QuickSet is a single certification program that enables compatibility with millions of QuickSet powered devices in the market.


Hue 2.0 Bridge

Hue White Ambiance

Mini White – L3A19MW06E26

Mini White 800L – L3A19MW08E26 / L3A19MW08E27 / L3A19MW08B22

Dimmable – KL110 / LB100 / LB110 / KB100

Mini Smart Plug – F7C063

Insight Smart Plug – F7C029fc

Smart Plug – HS100

Smart Plug With Energy Monitor – HS110

Smart Plug Mini – HS105

Wifi Smart Dimmer – F7C059fc

Wifi Smart Light Switch – F7C030fc

Smart Light Switch 3-Way – WLS0403

Light Switch – HS200

Light Switch Dimmer – HS210

Light Switch 3-Way – HS220