Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

The below guidelines are published to help vendors and manufacturers smoothly navigate through the Works with QuickSet program. Vendors should comply to these guidelines throughout the product life cycle.

General Guidelines

First apply to the program to get our teams connected. Each product requires a separate submission and simply meeting the initial guidelines does not guarantee that your product will be certified, these guidelines simply make your product eligible for certification

Your device must support one or more of the below connectivity options:

Zigbee, Zigbee rf4ce, Bluetooth or Infrared

IP - Local area network API or cloud API support

HDMI - Source or sink

The program is always being updated to improve the end user experience. You will make sure the device remains in compliance of the guidelines at all times.

Quality Guidelines

The product must meet a certain level of quality and reliability requirements. More details will be made available in the vendor portal.

Other Certifications

Products need to also adhere to proper certifications such as FCC, IC, Zigbee, UL, etc. These depend on the product type and region, and is vendors responsibility.

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