Customer Story – 650 Hours Saved in Just One Week!

Following is a snippet of QuickSet Data Insights, covering the first week of a major cable provider in Europe going live with a next-generation entertainment platform powered by QuickSet Cloud. These insights enable data driven decision making; leading to the refinement of products.

QuickSet Data Insights, powered by Device Knowledge Graph , is one of the benefits of using QuickSet family of products. This enables our customers to take intelligent actions based on quantifiable data about their consumers' installed base. With a data driven culture, we also leverage these points for measuring QuickSet's success and prioritizing features.

Getting Started - Out of The Box Experience

  • 94% of the households automatically set up their devices with zero manual intervention, powered by QuickSet device discovery and fingerprinting technology. 
  • 98% of these successful setups are able to directly tune to content with a single touch. Read more about this feature here.

Above resulted in drastic time savings for consumers. How drastic? considering a manual, user-driven setup takes on average 5 minutes, automatic setup saved the cable provider consumers over 650 hours in the first week alone!

Automatic setup saved the cable provider consumers over 650 hours in the first week alone!

Usage Trends - Peak Times

  • As one can imagine, most consumers setup their devices post typical working hours; we can now prove this using data! Most consumers setup their devices between 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Market Analysis - Audio Penetration

  • 69% of households only set up a TV
  • 31% of households set up an audio device in addition to a TV

Market Analysis - TV Brand Fragmentation

The market remains fairly fragmented; however, the top two brands dominate the majority of the market share, holding ~65% of the installed-base market.

Market Analysis - Median Device Age

With more than one-third of the customers having TVs older than 5 years, and 20% of customers having 2017 model-year TVs, proper support and handling for both legacy as well as new devices is essential.

Fun Fact - Input 1 Domination

Despite the proliferation of devices in recent years and the rise of over the top boxes, “input 1” remains dominated by service providers, with ~ 60% of the newly launched cable boxes, connected to input 1!!

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