Smarter Air Conditioners For A Greener World

The device install base within the home is very diverse. Devices vary in their age as well as the needs they cater such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), entertainment, security and more. According to International Energy Agency, there are approximately 1.6 billion Air conditioner units worldwide that are accounting for around 10% of world's energy consumption. There has been a rising trend of smart thermostat usage (which UEI also manufactures) in the recent years with people investing more in solutions that can help save energy and cut down the costs.

These smart thermostats are mainly compatible with the central Air Conditioner units, not addressing the large majority of Room Air Conditioners that also need to be made smarter. According to a report by JRAIA, in 2017 alone the worldwide requirement for Room Air Conditioners was over 100 million units which indicates the popularity of these Air Conditioners in today's market. That being said, over 90% Air Conditioners today are controlled by Infrared.

More than 90% of Air Conditioners are controlled by Infrared

Air Conditioner Control & Energy Management

HVAC appliances are one of the primary users of energy and a key ingredient in home automation. The energy consumed in running these HVAC appliances has significant costs associated with it. As global demand for energy increases, the cost of running these appliances increases year after year.  The non-central Air Conditioners offer many features for optimizing energy management through Infrared control, such as off-peak heating/cooling, scheduled timers and vacation modes, automated control for multiple zones, real-time climate and humidity control and more. 

Today, smart thermostats have revolutionized the way people use their HVAC units by addressing the problems with convenience and energy management. These features are available to most of the latest centralized Air Conditioner units but there is still a large majority of HVAC units, both still in demand by consumers as well as deployed in people's homes, that though offer these capabilities through infrared control, remain as non-smart devices within the home.

To build a solution for the worldwide market, the underlying technology should bring the current install base of Air conditioners to the smart ecosystem. That's when we will collectively achieve the larger goal of a greener and a healthier planet. 

Adding intelligence to current installed base of Air Conditioners brings convenience for 90% and a greener world for all

Home Automation With QuickSet

QuickSet, leveraging the largest knowledge graph of devices, is compatible with nearly any device within the home that consumers care about, including new and old entertainment systems, and devices used for home automation such as air conditioning units. With over 37k unique models of Air Conditioners globally across popular brands such as Fujitsu, Daikin, LG, Toshiba and many more, QuickSet brings universal compatibility and home automation to all.

Over 37K unique models of Air Conditioners

QuickSet enables full state-driven control and automation of Air Conditioners by intelligently modeling the inner-working of an HVAC system and dynamically producing the necessary commands to put the Air Conditioner in the desired state and enable these cool advanced features.

Compatible with almost every Air Conditioner

440+ unique brands of Air Conditioners

37K+ unique models of Air Conditoners

Despite the perception of Infrared being simple, Air Conditioners introduce greater complexity through their state machines. State machines maintain information such as fan speed, temperature etc. with an almost infinite number of command codes. Deciphering these command codes is beyond the capabilities of a normal Infrared learning remote. QuickSet does it all, enabling interactivity with most popular devices in the home to help automate and power new applications

QuickSet enables interactivity with most popular devices in the home to help automate, and power new applications