QuickSet Data Insights – United States TV Installed-Base

U.S. TV Installed-Base Brand Year Treemap

  • Median Age

    Graceful handling of older televisions is essential for mainstream video delivery platforms as more than half of the installed base in United States is pretty dated in technology terms. How dated? More than 5 years old!

  • Brand Fragmentation

    The market is fairly fragmented with new brands showing up and old ones going away, however the top two brands, Samsung and VIZIO, hold ~40% of the installed-base market.

  • AVR or …

    In recent years, there has been a major drop in traditional AVR usage and a consumer transition to soundbars. How big of a drop? More than 80% drop!

On a lighter note, the traditional service providers still dominate the “input 1” on the TV, and we mean that literally as those set-top boxes are connected to HDMI 1 input in ~60% of the installations!


QuickSet Cloud Update: September 23, 2016

We are excited to announce a major upgrade released to QuickSet Cloud production platforms, one of many to expect in the coming months. This release includes major performance improvements and new features added to our ever growing cloud platform which lead to expansion of automatic device discovery and detection along with quicker response times and increased capacity.


  • Expanded automatic device discovery capabilities removing the need for any manual setup for even more consumers, benefiting QuickSet Cloud enabled set-top boxes, smart TVs and mobile applications
  • An astonishing 33% performance improvement on average, making everything that much faster, and allowing us to serve even more customers!

New Features:

  • New means of enabling One Touch View functionality for mobile applications and IoT gateways without direct HDMI access
  • Predictive Discovery update to include a growing set of content sources and service providers to enhance the Smart TV unified user interfaces

We are happy to mention that QuickSet Cloud updates are released without any downtime on our services used by millions of people every month.

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# Hello World

Over the past several years, we’ve worked on building QuickSet, a product that enables discovery and seamless interaction with devices and their content in the home. With the goal of Simplifying the entertainment experience within the home.  QuickSet revolutionized the industry and since its introduction in September of 2009, it’s been deployed in over 250 million devices worldwide including set-top boxes, televisions, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets.

First released as an embedded application, QuickSet supports a range of platforms including Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows as well as specific services for RDK and Android platforms.

QuickSet Cloud is part of the QuickSet family. At its core, it’s a cross platform implementation of QuickSet using standard web technologies capable of running on websites, inline frames, and mobile, TV, and STB hybrid apps utilizing UEI’s cloud services to provide a data driven product.


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