Nevo Butler at Microsoft Build 2019

Microsoft Build – a premier developer conference took place in Seattle from May 6-8, 2019. With 6000+ folks from across the globe, the event focused on empowering developers of all kinds, from experienced computer scientists to tech beginners with big ideas and some of them got to see our turnkey product - Nevo Butler and learn about it!

Earlier this year we introduced Nevo Butler, a white label smart home hub with built-in digital assistant ( to allow brands deliver new and innovative services directly to their audience, and maintain control of their brand experience and consumer relationships. Nevo Butler is integrated with far field voice technology and is developed with Microsoft’s cloud, AI and IoT services and powered by Microsoft Azure Virtual Assistant framework. We support Satya Nadella's vision of an open multi-assistant future and work hard to make it a reality for brands. Read more on our collaboration.

Built on QuickSet Cloud device knowledge graph, is able to discover and interact with existing entertainment and smart home devices, and provides a natural interface to deliver personalized services. Unlike other attempts, as a starting point we have designed a platform that is natively compatible with all devices you love and use daily, to make sure new experiences can be delivered with the least friction to a wide audience.

We have designed a platform that is compatible with all devices consumers love and use daily, to make sure new experiences can be delivered with least friction to a wide audience.

We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring Parks Associates 23rd annual CONNECTIONS: The Premier Connected Home Conference, held from May 21-23. We will be showcasing Nevo Butler and our turnkey kits at Table #36 at Grand Peninsula Ballroom D, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in San Francisco, California. Arsham Hatambeiki, our SVP of Corporate Product and Strategy, will participate in the session "Connected Entertainment and Smart Home: Bridging Parallel Ecosystems" on May 22 at 11.15 am.

Device Fingerprinting capabilities now available to a wider audience!

Announcing the availability of a subset of QuickSet Cloud's APIs on RapidAPI - an API marketplace for developers with over 500,000 developers and 8,000 APIs! RapidAPI allows the developer community to find and connect to any API easily.

In an effort to empower the developer community, and foster innovation, we are making portions of our device knowledge graph that enables device fingerprinting capabilities through Predictive Engine, available to a much wider audience. Device fingerprinting is a technique where relevant data and features about a device are identified, extracted and profiled in order to uniquely identify devices within the home.



Read more about emerging applications of device fingerprinting powered by contextual understanding of nearby "things".

Enable new use cases by leveraging our API as a building block for built-in awareness about nearby devices.

The APIs that are made available, enable developers to create a range of interesting applications using device recognition across intelligent network scanning, intrusion detection, remote technical support, and many more. Whether you are a student looking to power up your app, or a developer building new and better use cases for a connected home, you can leverage our API as a building block to make smarter applications with built-in awareness about nearby devices. Check out what is made available to a greater audience here.

By making QuickSet Cloud API available on RapidAPI, we are making portions of our device fingerprinting and discovery technology available to a much wider audience.


We are always looking for interesting projects from the developer community out there, share with us what you build here. 


Universal Electronics collaborates with Cirrent to deliver seamless Wi-Fi® set-up for the connected home

Cirrent's technology will be offered on our Smart Home digital assistant platform, Nevo® Butler, to automatically configure Wi-Fi and improve ease of use and security for Wi-Fi connected devices. Cirrent is a leading provider of software that enables product companies to make Wi-Fi products easier to use, more reliable, and more secure. Cirrent’s technology will be offered as a pre-integrated feature on Nevo® Butler to bring enhanced provisioning and network management to our customers.

Wi-Fi onboarding infrastructure service, pre-integrated into Nevo® Butler, extends home automation services, improves product set-up, connectivity and insights.


Nevo Butler is an end-to-end voice-enabled smart home hub with a built-in white label digital assistant that unifies entertainment control and home automation experiences, enabling interoperability across fragmented ecosystems. Nevo Butler platform and kits will be available to operators worldwide to offer voice-enabled entertainment experiences and smart home services to consumers while remaining in control of the customer relationship.

Complete Wi-Fi provisioning and IoT network intelligence solution...


By pre-integrating Cirrent’s technology into Nevo Butler, our customers will get access to Cirrent’s ZipKey® technology for fully automatic provisioning of Wi-Fi networks, radically simplifying the set up for end users.  Operators worldwide will be able to access Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence to automatically diagnose any Wi-Fi or network-related issues, taking the guesswork out of Wi-Fi setup and management for customers and operators.

...enables operators to remotely monitor network performance and diagnose performance issues to improve customer experience.


By adding ZipKey and IoT Network Intelligence to Nevo Butler products, we will be enabling operators worldwide to bring the benefits of ZipKey to subscribers, as Nevo Butler products may also act as ZipKey hotspots, allowing end customers to use ZipKey to onboard third party products -- simplifying the onboarding for home entertainment, security, appliances, and IoT products.

...simplifies onboarding for home entertainment, security, appliances, and IoT products.


“Cirrent raises the bar on Wi-Fi user experience for connected products.  Adding Cirrent technology to automate Wi-Fi provisioning was an easy decision for UEI.  Cirrent improves both the customer experience and the security of all of the Wi-Fi products in the home, which benefits both operators and consumers,” said Arsham Hatembeiki, SVP of Product and Technology at UEI.

“Wi-Fi ease of use and security are increasingly important issues for network operators,” said Rob Conant, CEO of Cirrent, “We’re delighted to partner with UEI to bring ZipKey and IoT Network Intelligence to network operators and broadband subscribers around the world.”

"... delighted to partner with UEI to bring ZipKey and IoT Network Intelligence to network operators and broadband subscribers around the world.”


Through partnerships with Cirrent, ZipKey products connect to the cloud automatically in more than 120 million homes. Network operator’s customers can connect ZipKey-enabled consumer electronics products automatically and securely to their broadband networks without entering network names or passwords, simplifying setup and improving the security of connected products. Cirrent’s solution also helps operators remotely monitor network performance and diagnose network performance issues, improving the customer experience.