The Rising Need for a Whole Home Solution

People buying smart home devices are looking for solutions that simplify their user experience right from the time when they open the box for set-up and installation of their devices. The concerns raised by users were rightly captured in this latest survey conducted by PwC.

  • Universal Control – The survey reveals that 42% of the users are looking for a Universal App to control all their devices; this can be easily realized by using QuickSet’s multi-protocol approach to universal control.
  • Setup and Ease of Use – Majority of consumers’ concerns revolves around setup and ease of use: 35% prefer a provider setup and installation, 48% want an easy to use platform, and 42% want perfect integration with all devices (connected or not); leveraging the largest Knowledge graph of devices, QuickSet’s discovery capabilities enable manufacturers and providers to simplify and automate the setup experience for end users and further make way for a seamless daily interaction with these devices.

To address the concerns raised by consumers a global device knowledge graph for the home is essential. This is exactly what we’ve been building for the last 30 years and what QuickSet utilizes to support a simple, unified customer experience across devices


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