The Rising Need for a Whole Home Solution

As more and more connected devices are making way into the homes of consumers, the complexities associated with them have created a market for basic setup and installation services of these connected devices. Facts suggest that the tech support business to address these complexities is already a multi-million dollar industry! Although there have been many attempts to resolve the complexities associated with connected devices, these solutions combine multiple smart devices to form a network hoping for an ideal customer experience – making “it seem as though our ‘dumb,’ disconnected home electronics are relics from the Stone Age. ” As the connected devices market gets more saturated, the barrier to entry has shifted from price to complexity. 

People buying smart home devices are looking for solutions that simplify their user experience right from the time when they open the box for set-up and installation of their devices. The concerns raised by users were rightly captured in this latest survey conducted by PwC.

  • Universal Control

    The survey reveals that 42% of the users are looking for a Universal App to control all their devices; this can be easily realized by using QuickSet’s multi-protocol approach to universal control.

  • Setup and Ease of Use

    Majority of consumers’ concerns revolves around setup and ease of use: 35% prefer a provider setup and installation, 48% want an easy to use platform, and 42% want perfect integration with all devices (connected or not); leveraging the largest Knowledge graph of devices, QuickSet’s discovery capabilities enable manufacturers and providers to simplify and automate the setup experience for end users and further make way for a seamless daily interaction with these devices.

To address the concerns raised by consumers a global device knowledge graph for the home is essential. This is exactly what we’ve been building for the last 30 years and what QuickSet utilizes to support a simple, unified customer experience across devices

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