Why QuickSet Cloud?!

Cloud services as a solution has become a popular choice these days. Cloud services provide the capabilities of servers, storage and applications without the local infrastructure. These services are supplied by remote service providers.[1] There are many advantages to using cloud services such as flexibility, scalability, security, integration, and access to an up to date software or database etc. Cloud services are enabling faster and more efficient deployment of technologies across the world.

Here at UEI, over the last 30 years, we have built a knowledge graph of the devices in the home and the way they interact with each other within an ecosystem. QuickSet, which was launched in 2009 provides universal discovery, setup and control of devices within the home and is today deployed in over 450 million devices globally. QuickSet Cloud delivers all the benefits of QuickSet by offering them as Web APIs.

1. Provide a Simplified User Experience

Manufacturers and content providers in the consumer electronics industry face many challenges while providing a smooth user experience to their consumers. The friction over the complexities of managing the various devices and services entering a home, has created an opportunity for them to find elegant solutions that can solve this daily problem. UEI’s QuickSet provides seamless discovery, setup, control and interaction of these devices. QuickSet Cloud is a cloud implementation of QuickSet that makes it possible for our customers to use simple web APIs to benefit from these features, making way for a truly unified interaction experience for the end users.

QuickSet Cloud offers the highest accuracy for auto-discovery and setup of devices within the home. QuickSet Cloud enables the manufacturers and the content providers to achieve a hassle free setup and interaction with devices within the home. This in turn leads to an unmatched user experience for the consumers using these devices as ‘things just work.’

2. Leverage Expanded Discovery & Detection Capabilities

Consumer electronics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Trends in Technology change every season and new devices are making way into the homes of people faster than ever. Interacting with these devices and matching up to the pace of changing technologies is a challenge.

New discovery fingerprints are being introduced through QuickSet Cloud on a daily basis; enabling customers to support brand new devices as well as existing devices with changing behavior within the home. The real time nature of the cloud infrastructure enables QuickSet Cloud customers to adapt to changes within the industry and provide a seamless interaction with new devices introduced.

These days, with the increasing number of connected devices, it’s typical for manufacturers and providers to make regular firmware updates. These updates may sometimes even change the device signatures which can hinder the user interaction with these devices. QuickSet Cloud provides expanded discovery & detection capabilities by introducing new fingerprints, taking the full advantage of the infinite processing power, scalability, and updateability of Universal Electronics’ cloud platform. Situations like those mentioned above and many more are easily taken care of by using QuickSet Cloud. In the fragmented and diverse industry of consumer electronics, we are constantly growing our knowledge graph of devices and finding new ways to identify and interact with them.

3. Proven Scale

Since the time of its launch, QuickSet Cloud has grown and offered a range of services to its customers. The product is scaling fast and an increasing number of devices are getting integrated with it. With QuickSet being deoployed in over 450 million devices across the world, the hit rate to our servers is 1.5 billion API calls per year and growing. The average response time on our servers for these API calls is approximately 50 milliseconds [2] and we are continuously working towards improving it. We are serving requests from various regions around the world including APAC, EMEA and AMER.

4. Flexible Integration

QuickSet Cloud enables flexible integration based on simple Web APIs including the server-to-server for cloud video delivery platforms, resource constrained devices in IoT domain, and cross platform mobile applications; effectively making all the QuickSet features and benefits available to all the connected devices for various platforms. Apart from this, it is equally important for us , to ensure that we provide an excellent developer experience to the developers.  The QuickSet Cloud developer’s portal offers a hands on approach to the customers integrating with our Cloud platform and our QuickSet Cloud Service Desk is just one click away for any further support.

5. Security

The idea of cloud always plants the seeds of concern in a customer’s mind and while making the choice to migrate systems to the cloud, security is usually cited as the chief concern. The information stored on QuickSet Cloud is protected by both electronic security (firewalls, data encryption etc.) and physical security (security of the data centers). With regular penetration testing, distributed denial-of service (DDoS), anomaly detection, behavioral analytics, machine learning and intrusion detection, we actively manage threats and risks to our QuickSet Cloud platform. With QuickSet Cloud, every call is secure. We make sure that all our data at rest is at least AES-256 encrypted. QuickSet Cloud access is enabled and controlled through multiple identifiers such as OEM (vendor) ID, Product ID, Application ID and User (or device) ID. We at QuickSet Cloud make sure that the data of our customers is well received and protected. QuickSet Cloud meets the best practices for system security and ensures complete data security for its customers by adhering to the industry based standards such as SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 3 reports for the cloud platform.

We are continuously improving our platform and finding ways to identify and interact with all devices, enabling the manufacturers and content providers to provide a seamless and an unmatched user experience, that is enjoyable.

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