Customer Story – Samsung’s 9500 Televisions Powered By QuickSet

In 2016, Samsung revolutionized the TV industry when they launched their 9500 series of smart TVs, powered by QuickSet. We are elated that consumers are thoroughly enjoying these TVs that have decluttered the remote basket in their homes and given them what they truly care about - easy access to content and services.

"The TV actually fixed the three-decades-old pile-of-remotes problem….I can go from my cable box to my Xbox to Netflix in a snap….I can go to my favorite network without needing to switch inputs or touch that gosh-awful TV programming guide….It is even smart enough to pull channel data in over the Internet and make recommendations on the screen….A truly universal TV remote has an immediate impact on my life.” - said Geoffrey A. Fowler,  technology columnist, Wall Street Journal. Read More

With this TV, Samsung provided a simple and unified user experience across devices and content by utilizing QuickSet platform and its extensive knowledge graph of devices. Automatic discovery of devices and configuration of TV remote unit for it to control virtually any device that gets plugged into the TV, a unified content interface for users to be a touch away from their devices or favorite content and many other features make it a revolutionary television where things just work when the users need them to.

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