Introducing new products and services for the Smart Home – CES 2019

As a worldwide leader in sensing and control technologies for the smart home, we will debut our latest solutions and capabilities transforming home entertainment and the smart home at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Jan. 8 – 11

This year, we will be unveiling a new product for the Smart Home, Nevo® Butler, an end-to-end voice-enabled smart home hub with built-in white label digital assistant that unifies entertainment control and home automation experiences, enabling interoperability across fragmented ecosystems. Powered by QuickSet® Cloud, Nevo Butler delivers a versatile monitoring and control assistant solution for the home, capable of addressing a wide range of devices and use cases, ranging from voice control of an existing installed base of devices to innovative new Cloud services.

Nevo Butler is an end-to-end voice-enabled smart home hub with built-in white label digital assistant that unifies entertainment control and home automation experiences, enabling interoperability across fragmented ecosystems

With a customizable digital assistant front-end, enterprise-level integration services and an expanding ecosystem of add-on services, this platform allows service providers and consumer electronics brands to bring voice-enabled services to their customers while remaining in control of the consumer relationship.

Available as kits that address specific channel needs, Nevo Butler can be bundled with a range of certified devices including safety and security sensors, smart thermostat and temperature sensors developed by the teams at Ecolink and RCS. These kits bundle IoT experiences such as safety and security and energy management in addition to voice-enabled universal entertainment control.

Similar to previous years, our technologies and concepts will emphasize the company’s breadth of products solving some of the greatest challenges across the entire connected home. Traditionally known for our innovation in home entertainment, UEI continues to reimagine the way consumers interact with all the devices around them and now offers a complete portfolio of smart home solutions to create a truly smarter living.

At the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show, we will showcase:

Voice Control Technologies: Award-winning, voice remote controls and related technologies deployed by the most recognized brands in consumer electronics, including the latest in voice-enabled Android TV remotes leveraging UEI’s UE878 dual-RF chip – a versatile chip deployed across a range of platforms, allowing for broader flexibility and easier implementation of multiple communication protocols. In addition to traditional voice remotes,we will demonstrate its first hands-free voice remote that wakes up and responds to voice commands why laying on the coffee table or couch. Designed to work with far-field voice assistants like Google Assist or Alexa, this concept provides some interesting new use cases for entertainment control.

  Smart Home Solutions: Next to the Nevo Butler, we present a broad portfolio of smart home solutions powered by technologies from the teams at Ecolink and RCS. These include a comprehensive line of sensing, security, HVAC and lighting control products that are compatible with multiple wireless technology standards such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Pro-Security. These turnkey products offer solutions for the hospitality, light commercial, and residential property management markets.

One For All: Our consumer-facing retail accessories brand will showcase a portfolio of audio video accessories ranging from universal entertainment control solutions, smart antennas and state of the art wall mounts that re-define the category. OFA leverages the latest QuickSet Cloud feature to demonstrate a consumer-centric solution designed to simplify entertainment control for consumers with multiple audio/video devices and multiple music/video apps that want to easily find and switch to their favorite content.

We will host product demonstrations for all our latest technologies and design concepts, and our most recent product unveiling, Nevo® Butler, at Booth #42325 in the Sands Expo at CES 2019 in Las Vegas from January 8 – 11.