Universal Electronics Launches a Host of New Connected Home Products, Solutions and Services


We will be introducing a host of new products and capabilities for home security, climate control and hospitality segments at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Introducing TBH-300 Multi-protocol Smart Thermostat, optimized for subscription broadcasting and hospitality channels, features a variety of connectivity options to easily integrate with occupancy and temperature sensors and local gateway.

  • Zigbee 3.0 to support seamless integration with existing home security and automation gateways commonly used in the service provider and hospitality channels, as well as in curated kits alongside the Nevo® Butler smart home hub.
  • Sub-1 GHz ClearSky long-range radio for standalone mode operation when paired with Ecolink ClearSky high-performance sensors, such as occupancy and door/window. As a curated kit this solution enables complete on-device energy management systems and guest room automation without interaction or use of additional gateways.
  • Bluetooth Smart provides reliable connectivity with mobile phones for simple onboarding and system setup by an installer.

Introducing new capabilities on Nevo® Butler for professional home security application.

We will also introduce new capabilities on Nevo® Butler for professional home security application to differentiate and offer new services to our subscribers. Nevo Butler is a Zigbee certified smart home hub with a built-in nevo.ai white label voice assistant.

  • The new intelligent sound events provide private and secure context-aware sound triggers necessary in-home security platforms. Upon arming the system, a trigger with an integrated look-back capability ensures important events are automatically captured and available to subscribers and monitoring services, a capability not currently made available on today’s far-field voice-enabled devices.
  • Expanded professional home security offerings with Interoperability as a Service and Zigbee home automation powered by QuickSet Cloud allow new experiences to be added to existing entertainment and smart home devices in consumers’ homes, addressing consumer demand for interoperability.
  • Virtual Agent Offering, personalize and expand the built-in white-label virtual assistant to provide a frictionless experience in how subscribers can interact with your services.

These devices, solutions and services will also be offered in a range of new curated kits for the hospitality channel to address a variety of needs for room automation and in-room service delivery.

  • TBH-300 Multi-protocol Smart Thermostat as standalone climate control and energy management solution with ClearSky occupancy and door/window sensors; or integrated with a Zigbee 3.0 in-room gateway;
  • A reference virtual agent template for a personalized in-room experience and hospitality service integrated on Nevo Butler.

Additionally, a wide range of Ecolink intelligent sensing solutions will be on display to present how optimized and curated kits can offer turnkey solutions to address common home intrusion, monitoring and control challenges.

We will host product demonstrations for all our latest technologies and products at Booth #42325 in the Sands Expo at CES 2020 in Las Vegas from January 7 -10. Victor Berrios, Director of Connected Home IoT Products, will be available to discuss how Nevo Butler and curated kits and services can be used to introduce or expand offerings in a range of channels.

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