New features extend virtual assistant capabilities to bring intelligent services, virtual agent, and more


We will be introducing new capabilities and support across a variety of home entertainment and smart home devices for virtual assistant services at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, which kicks off on January 7, 2020.

Since the introduction of as an integrated white label virtual assistant in Nevo® Butler, we have been hard at work bringing new capabilities, and support across a wide array of devices such as Smart TVs, set-top boxes and home gateways, where users can interact more easily with their smart home virtual assistant.

Nevo Butler is an entertainment and smart home hub with built-in to enable far-field voice assistance, designed to blend Smart Home and Entertainment experiences into one. Powered by QuickSet® Cloud, this product can enable a natural voice control experience to the existing installed base of devices in the home that are not addressable through other assistants. The lack of perceived value for smart home by a large percentage of households can be addressed by adding interoperability with devices they own and use on a daily basis.

Introducing, a white label virtual assistant service, with a range of new capabilities enabling interoperability across a variety of home entertainment and smart home devices.


This year, we are introducing as a white label virtual assistant service with a range of new capabilities, enabling integration across a variety of home entertainment and smart home devices to simplify user interaction and interoperability in the increasingly connected home.

  • Powerful and simple to integrate conversational interface to set up and interact with a growing list of devices in the home, complementing existing assistants while keeping OEM brands in control of the experience.
      • Support for far-field voice through Nevo Butler, or near-field voice using any of our popular voice-enabled remote control platforms.


  • New graphical interface when integrated on devices with a display for an increasingly user-friendly multi-modal experience. Rich graphical cards and on-screen elements offer helpful answers and recommendations, and quick access to tailored activities for users who still show a strong preference for tactile single-touch access over a conversational interface.
      • These features can be experienced through our new Halo smart entertainment hub, powered by


  • Interoperability as a Service powered by QuickSet Cloud where branded OEMs can manage their users’ experiences across entertainment and smart home devices, reducing operational costs while addressing specific consumer needs.
      • QuickSet 5.0 including the latest advancements in QuickSet Cloud blending entertainment and smart home with built-in support for IoT device management, dashboards and analytics, and native support for Zigbee 3.0


  • New intelligent sound events provide private and secure context-aware services across home security and entertainment control. With an integrated, look-back capability so important events are automatically captured.  Enabling a variety of new features, such as audio ducking, sound triggers and snapshots for home security, and a more intuitive entertainment audio control.


  • Virtual Agent service powered by offers an integrated Tier 0 Support (or self-help) for Entertainment and Smart Home devices to address common questions around setup, feature discovery, and troubleshooting. Available on-device; a support website; or integrated in branded mobile apps, this service maintains the consumer in-brand experience.  Enhanced with the knowledge of existing devices at home powered by real-time access to the secure, remote troubleshooting features of QuickSet 5.0 to offer a powerful framework to address the most challenging aspects of supporting devices in a more connected home.

Conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence are playing a key role in improving access to smart living products and services, on-device and on-the-go, and this is only expected to expand in size and scope.  As a strategic technology decision, reliable and open infrastructure is key to long-term success.


  • ai built on Microsoft’s open-sourced and extensible virtual assistant framework to empower customers to deliver novel and tailored experiences directly to their customers through a variety of channels while offering confidence in the technology decisions made today.
      • A preview of the skills developer framework to evolve and enhance the built-in capabilities of the virtual assistant as new services are offered to users, accessible across devices, in and out of the home.

“By making service available across more devices and screens, we will offer an upgrade path for QuickSet Cloud-enabled platforms to benefit from our device interoperability, device knowledge graph and virtual agent capabilities available through rich conversational interfaces, on and off device.”


“By making service available across more devices and screens, we will offer an upgrade path for QuickSet Cloud-enabled platforms to benefit from our device interoperability, device knowledge graph and virtual agent capabilities available through rich conversational interfaces, on and off device,” says Arsham Hatambeiki, our SVP Product and Technology, “Microsoft’s vision for a multi-assistant  future fully aligns with ours and we continue to collaborate on new services to enable this future for smarter and more capable devices at home.”

“Today, and in the future, we assume every home product will offer immediate and on-device assistance through natural conversational interfaces, in a personalized and trusted experience,” said Lili Cheng, CVP, Conversational AI. “By partnering with UEI on and QuickSet Cloud, we will enable UEI customers to build on an open  Virtual Assistant framework, for millions of home products, powered by Microsoft’s AI and Azure IoT services.”

We will host product demonstrations for all our latest technologies and products at Booth #42325 in the Sands Expo at CES 2020 in Las Vegas from January 7 -10.  Nikki Ahmadi, Director of Cloud and Software Products, will be available to discuss how Nevo Butler and curated kits and services can be used to introduce or expand offerings in a range of channels.

Google Assistant + Nevo Butler : Better Together at the Android TV Summit

Some facts of Android TV Summit APAC:

Number of years Third year
Location Bangkok
Visitors About 1,500 (2018 was 1,200)

Nov 12th, 2019, Berkeley Hotel Bangkok:

Today kick off the 2019 edition of Android TV Summit APAC at heart of Bangkok metropolitan. Berkeley Hotel situated in the middle of famous Bangkok Pratunam night market.

The objectives of the Android TV Summit APAC 2019 are:

  • Get invaluable Android TV technical and commercial updates
  • Experience the latest product demos (Demo House)
  • Network with other ecosystem partners from across the region, including TV and Telco operators, TV set manufacturers, SOCs, OEMs, System Integrators, Broadcasters, Publishers and Digital Advertisers (Expo Day – Nov 14)

This year’s summit also added separate workshop session for Retail, Play, Monetization, and Panel TV. Also, first for Android TV summit is a full scale Google House Smart Home simulator that include a car porch with Android Auto demo.

As a recognized world leader in home entertainment, smart home device discovery and control solution, Universal Electronics Inc (UEI) were invited by Google team to support in the showcase of home entertainment advanced solution in Assistant application.

UEI showcased how Nevo Butler when used with Google Assistant can enhance the device and content interaction on operators’ set-top boxes, covering both new and legacy STBs.

Google Demo House : Day 1

Mi Robot Vacuum
Mi Bedside Lamp
SDMC Smart speaker STB
SDMC aromatic lamp
Mi Desk Lamp 1SUEI demo:
Nevo Butler
IKEA Smart Curtain with IKEA Hub
Samsung 42” Tizen TV
SKB android TV STB
Ecolink door sensor
Google Home
Front of Google House:

SDMC smart curtain, Skyworth multi IP cam integration, Yale lock integration, Coship smart gas valve, etc.

UEI demo is the only operator content centric in the house, enabling an intuitive entertainment experience across all devices:

  • “Ok Google, talk to Nevo Butler” to activate Nevo Butler action in Google Assistant
  • “Watch TV”, demonstrate the power One Touch View, that even turns on TV and switch to the correct HDMI ports
  • Go to Disney Channel”, enhanced voice interaction experience can be applied to legacy STB
  • Go to channel 200”, bringing handsfree voice control experience to legacy STB
  • Mute TV” or “Turn off TV” followed by “Goodbye” to end the Google Assistant conversation.

Other noteworthy demo in the demo house:

Indoor and outdoor Air Quality Sensor concept demo by Kaon, the outdoor and indoor devices are with UE878 built in. Sensors measure PM10, PM2.5 and CO2.

Look out for more pictures and news around the expo in Day 2 update!

Nevo Butler at Microsoft Build 2019

Microsoft Build – a premier developer conference took place in Seattle from May 6-8, 2019. With 6000+ folks from across the globe, the event focused on empowering developers of all kinds, from experienced computer scientists to tech beginners with big ideas and some of them got to see our turnkey product - Nevo Butler and learn about it!

Earlier this year we introduced Nevo Butler, a white label smart home hub with built-in digital assistant ( to allow brands deliver new and innovative services directly to their audience, and maintain control of their brand experience and consumer relationships. Nevo Butler is integrated with far field voice technology and is developed with Microsoft’s cloud, AI and IoT services and powered by Microsoft Azure Virtual Assistant framework. We support Satya Nadella's vision of an open multi-assistant future and work hard to make it a reality for brands. Read more on our collaboration.

Built on QuickSet Cloud device knowledge graph, is able to discover and interact with existing entertainment and smart home devices, and provides a natural interface to deliver personalized services. Unlike other attempts, as a starting point we have designed a platform that is natively compatible with all devices you love and use daily, to make sure new experiences can be delivered with the least friction to a wide audience.

We have designed a platform that is compatible with all devices consumers love and use daily, to make sure new experiences can be delivered with least friction to a wide audience.

We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring Parks Associates 23rd annual CONNECTIONS: The Premier Connected Home Conference, held from May 21-23. We will be showcasing Nevo Butler and our turnkey kits at Table #36 at Grand Peninsula Ballroom D, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in San Francisco, California. Arsham Hatambeiki, our SVP of Corporate Product and Strategy, will participate in the session "Connected Entertainment and Smart Home: Bridging Parallel Ecosystems" on May 22 at 11.15 am.