Customer Story – Sling’s AirTV Powered by QuickSet Cloud

Comcast X1 Voice Remote powered by QuickSet Cloud

We’re confident that consumers will love their new AirTV Player and appreciate how easy it is to find and watch content!

“No other streaming device has so many unique features, including a full-featured remote control. We celebrate the strong consumer focus in the dynamic feature-rich AirTV Player. Our QuickSet Cloud™ solution enables the remote to recognize any brand of connected audio and video equipment, and the voice control offers consumers the most powerful and easy-to-use content search technology. The look and feel of this device truly makes it stand out,“ said Paul Arling, Chairman and CEO of Universal Electronics. -read more here.

Simplicity of QuickSet SDK for AndroidTV backed by the full power of QuickSet Cloud, the perfect mix. Automatic Setup, One Touch View to always take you back to the content, Voice Control, and many more features make this product a trend-setter for over the top set-top boxes.

Learn more here: What is QuickSet Cloud?

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