Launching Smarter Living Kits powered by Nevo® Butler to accelerate introduction of new Smart Home services at CES 2019

In order to accelerate the introduction of new innovative services for the consumer home, we are introducing pre-integrated channel specific kits curated to address specific consumer demand and unique experiences. The kits are powered by Nevo® Butler, a white label, managed and secure smart home hub with built-in digital assistant. Configured with different sensors developed by the teams at Ecolink and RCS, including safety and security sensors; smart thermostats and temperature sensors; as well as IoT products curated through “Works with QuickSet” certification program, these kits will offer the quickest route to market while providing a flexible platform to build on.

The kits which will be demonstrated at our booth (#42325) in the Sands Expo include the following:


A platform for offering a cost effective, self-monitored safety and security platform with Ecolink ZigBee window/door sensors and best-in-class pet-immune, motion sensors. This kit can expand to include leak/freeze detection sensors as well as security and monitoring use cases.  Add-on services are also available that can be bundled to offer cybersecurity as a service or monitoring services to provide additional value to consumers and monetization options for security service providers.


This kit includes an RCS-designed and developed, Zigbee connected thermostat and occupancy sensors to deliver a voice-enabled, energy efficient and user-friendly HVAC automation solution to provide comfort and convenience, as well as energy-cost savings for the owner.


This kit is specifically designed to address room automation needs of the hospitality channel with energy management, entertainment control, and in-room service integration opportunities. This kit will offer a platform to provide a consistent and branded experience for all in-room services and needs.

Smarter Living Kits, curated to address specific consumer demand and accelerate introduction of innovative Smart Home services, available for expansion through Works with QuickSet.


“Our Smarter Living kits are a great way for our customers to accelerate introduction or expansion of Smart Home services and for consumers to experience the power and convenience of the smart home,” says Arsham Hatambeiki, SVP of Product and Technology for Universal Electronics Inc.  “By offering add-on experiences for safety, security and energy management on top of the most reliable and accurate entertainment control experience, we can give consumers a reason to opt-in to the home automation trend, and our customers the confidence to scale their subscribers’ smart home experiences on a solid foundation.” our consumers a reason to opt-in to the home automation trend, and our customers the confidence to scale their subscribers’ Smart Home experiences on a solid foundation.


New research from Parks Associates shows the integration of smart home products will be key to drive new recurring monthly revenue (RMR) growth among security companies.  “Today, over three quarters of new security subscribers have interactive services, paying $9 per month on average for the service,” said Tom Kerber, Sr. Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates. “As adoption of interactive services matures and new entrants with low-cost, self-installed systems put downward pressure on RMR, the industry is seeking solutions to expand RMR. Cybersecurity services, video verification, and personal emergency response are a clear path to generating incremental RMR.”

"As the industry is seeking solutions to expand RMR, cybersecurity services, video verification, and personal emergency responses are a clear path to generate incremental RMR."


We will host product demonstrations for all our latest technologies and design concepts, and unveil our latest product, Nevo® Butler and related platform kits at booth #42325 in the Sands Expo at CES 2019 in Las Vegas from January 8-11.  Nikki Ahmadi, Director of Cloud and Software Products, will be available to discuss how Nevo Butler and curated kits and services can be used to introduce or expand offerings in a range of channels.

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